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With a 3 SEASON ROOM you and your family can be outside for nearly the entire year enjoying your deck and patio. Spend your entire summer outside with no concerns of bugs, wind or rain and extend the usability of your deck during the cooler months as well by simply sliding the windows closed!

Delight in all the benefits of a screen room with the additional advantages of a POLYCARBONATE ROOF and 3 SEASON WINDOWS. Your deck or patio becomes an extra room on your house that can be taken advantage of almost year round. 

Our 3 SEASON WINDOWS are also powder coated aluminum and the window material is an industrial vinyl called “memory vinyl”. It can be pushed on, hit with object, subjected to extreme heat or cold and will return to its original clear window pane. The vinyl has the appearance and comfort of a single pane glass window. This system is light weight compared to glass, allowing us to construct a room where otherwise significant and costly changes would need to be made to a foundation. Our 3 SEASON WINDOWS operate in a vertical 4 track opening. Each opening is custom built into the existing screen wall of a Suncoast Enclosure and has 4 window panes per opening. 

Each of these 4 windows interlock to keep you warm and comfortable when in the closed position. Slide them all down to the ground and you instantly have 75% ventilation and are fully open to the outdoors. You can also slide the bottom window up if you prefer the bottom open.

An aspect of our 3 SEASON WINDOWS that our customers have appreciated is the ability to add the windows to an existing Suncoast Enclosure long after the initial installation. Whether for budgeting reasons or seeing how much enjoyment they receive with just screen walls, the 3 SEASON WINDOWS can be retrofitted any time down the road with no alteration to the existing structure. 

Suncoast 3 SEASON SUNROOMS deliver custom built versatility and an affordable price compared to building a glass solarium or a full addition to your home. You can have an enclosure that lets you enjoy the outdoors nearly all year long.

Big Or Small - Suncoast Enclosures Will Work Directly With You To Create A Beautiful Custom Designed Enclosure To Fit Your Home

Better Outdoor Living

Extend your living space and your time outdoors!

Deck Enclosure

Three Season Room - Deck Enclosure

These are the most typical enclosures we build. One of the greatest things about a deck enclosure is the ability to leave doors and windows (you can even permanently remove the screens from the windows) wide open onto the enclosed area. This truly adds an outdoor room to your existing home and creates an outdoor feel in any adjacent room to the enclosure.

Every 3 SEASON SUNROOM is custom designed and built to fit and match the architecture of each unique home. A “mansard” roof is often used in our designs as it allows increased roof heights, and helps us to match the slope and shape of your roof perfectly. Shed Style and gable roofs are commonly used as well. We can frame around changes in roof heights, bay windows, fireplaces – everything about our building process is custom to meet the specific needs of our customers and their homes or restaurants.


Three Season Room - Gazebo - Suncoast Enclosures

For those with a “detached” deck or a patio out in the yard or garden, a custom built free standing structure or Gazebo is the answer.

A Suncoast Gazebo can be 4, 6, or 8 sided and can be built to just about any size desired. They can be built on just about any surface as well, provided the walls can be fastened down. We have built on wooden decks, concrete pads, paving stone, stamped concrete, and even wooden timbers.

Free Standing rooms and Gazebos have proven to be of value as well in Condo and Strata cases where “attachment” to the house is not allowed by the condo board; you can still enjoy a bug free area and keep to the rules.

3 Season Rooms