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Retractable Screen - Suncoast Enclosures


For those who want the ability to completely remove the screen, perhaps over the winter months or during parts of the day, Suncoast offers RETRACTABLE SCREENS. 

While the average installation is a 10-12-foot-wide screen; Suncoast RETRACTABLE SCREENS can fit single openings as large as 30 feet wide (with a fully enclosed housing) and 24 feet tall! They are a great solution for commercial and residential renovation and construction projects. 

With the click of a button, your screens conveniently roll down to provide comfort and protection. When not in use, they simply roll up out of view. If you have a fireplace or heaters in your outdoor area, retractable screens create a room that retains the heat, blocks the wind, and keep those bugs out. 

Combined with over 25 years of industry experience, Suncoast RETRACTABLE SCREEN use the highest quality materials and components to create a product second to none.

Better Outdoor Living

Extend your living space and your time outdoors!

Retractable Vinyl Screens

Using the same housing and superior track system, industrial strength vinyl can be used instead of screen, creating a weather proof area that extends the use of the space into all seasons and weather conditions.

A more common commercial application, retractable vinyl screens will turn any outdoor patio into a comfortable, usable space regardless of wet weather or strong winds. This is quickly becoming a “must have” for restaurant owners everywhere to keep the patrons coming and comfortable all year long.

Retractable Vinyl Screen - Suncoast Enclosures

Retractable Screens

Big Or Small - Suncoast Enclosures Will Work Directly With You To Create A Beautiful Custom Designed Enclosure To Fit Your Home