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Screen Windows - Suncoast Enclosures



Why consider a 3 Season Room? Do you want to get the most enjoyment from your outdoor space? Our 3 Season Rooms give you the flexibility to do just that all year round.

  • Vertical sliding windows provide up to 75% airflow, ensuring a breezy and comfortable environment.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of your furniture and floors, regardless of the season.
  • Customizable polycarbonate roof options available in clear, opaque, or heat-reflective materials.
  • Extend your gardening season by starting early and enjoying your plants well into the fall.
  • Embrace and enjoy your outdoor space, even during cooler weather conditions.


What is a 3 Season Room?

A 3 Season Room, crafted from durable structural powder-coated aluminum, serves as a weatherproof and insect-free extension to your home.

Tailored to your space, each 3 Season Room is meticulously designed to be constructed on your existing deck or patio and seamlessly integrated with your house.  3 Season Rooms provide an inviting environment to relish the outdoors while safeguarded from rain, snow, wind, and insects.

Suncoast’s 3 Season Room offers unparalleled adaptability. Equipped with vertically sliding vinyl windows, it effortlessly transforms from an airy summer space to a weather-resistant enclosure within minutes. This versatility allows you to enjoy the changing seasons comfortably.

How Do They Stand Up To Our Harsh Climate?

3 Season Rooms are meticulously engineered to endure severe climates, boasting resilience against strong winds and heavy winter snow loads.

To ensure the utmost durability, we utilize industrial-strength structural aluminum in our framing extrusions, crafting robust and reliable structures that stand out in the market. The powder-coated aluminum undergoes rigorous testing, guaranteeing long-lasting color retention and finish quality for years to come.

Moreover, the twin-walled polycarbonate roof material is specifically rated to withstand heavy snow loads, ensuring peace of mind regardless of your geographical location.

How Do The Windows Work

3 Season Windows, crafted from the same high-quality powder-coated aluminum as the enclosure’s structure, are meticulously customized to flawlessly integrate into your new space.

Utilizing robust memory vinyl material for the window panes ensures exceptional durability against weather, animals, and daily interactions. This specialized vinyl offers flexibility upon touch, promptly reverting to its original tautness, therefore guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

Featuring clear or tinted options, our windows provide versatility to create a more secluded atmosphere, mitigate harsh sunlight, or optimize your deck’s scenic views.

The innovative 4-track system offers effortless control, allowing you to adjust the windows by raising or lowering them, enabling you to tailor the airflow precisely to your preferences.

Can The Enclosures Be Built In Any Style I Want?

Absolutely! Each enclosure we create is meticulously tailored and constructed on-site, providing us the flexibility to build in any size or shape to match your preferences.

Suncoast Enclosurs takes pride in offering various roof styles such as ‘mansard,’ ‘shed,’ or ‘gabled,’ carefully selected to harmonize with your home’s architectural aesthetics.

Irrespective of your space’s dimensions, we possess the capability to craft a room perfectly suited to your needs. Our process involves meticulously cutting and assembling each aluminum extrusion, adhering precisely to engineering requirements, resulting in a uniquely designed enclosure for your home.

Whether your space is expansive or cozy, our rooms are meticulously crafted to seamlessly suit any area you desire. With the guidance of our skilled team, rest assured, your envisioned outdoor space will become a reality, precisely as you’ve dreamt.

Do 3 Season Rooms Keep Bugs Out?

Indeed, our 3 Season Rooms, constructed on your existing deck, serve as a reliable barrier against insects.

Designed to create a bug-tight space, our specialized 90%, 55%, or 15% screens effectively ward off wind and bugs throughout the year.

Crafted from high-strength fiberglass, our screens not only keep bugs at bay but also provide sturdy support, capable even of acting as a fall restraint on a raised deck.

Can 3 Season Walls Be Added To Existing Covered Spaces?

Yes, Suncoast 3 Season Walls can be seamlessly added to an existing covered patio to transform it into a versatile and enclosed space. These walls are designed to be adaptable and can be integrated into various existing structures, including covered patios, providing an enhanced outdoor experience while offering protection from the elements and insects. Whether you have an open patio or a covered one, the addition of Suncoast 3 Season Walls can elevate and expand the usability of your outdoor space.

3 Season Rooms from Suncoast Enclosures


1. Fixed Panel / Transom Windows
  • Custom vinyl window panels to fill any additional space.
  • Can be added as transom windows or as fixed panels to fill gaps and other areas not suitable for sliding windows
2. 3 Season Windows
  • 3-Season Windows made of aluminum frame and vinyl
  • Completely weather sealed when closed
  • Permanent exterior screen layer will keeps bugs out regardless of whether the windows are slid open or closed
3. 75% Window Opening Capability
  • Open up to 75% of the space when all the vinyl windows are slid to the bottom
  • Windows slide freely in the track and can be lowered from the top or raised from the bottom
4. Vinyl Tint Options
  • 2 vinyl tint options are available: clear and smoke
5. Doors
  • Single and double swinging doors can be added to 3 season rooms.
  • Panic style doors can also be added to commercial spaces.



Robust Weather Resistance: Engineered for Durability in All Climates.

Our innovative 4-track windows offer unmatched adaptability, ensuring comfort in ever-changing weather conditions.

Each meticulously crafted 3 Season Room is constructed using powder-coated aluminum, industrial-strength mesh, and flexible vinyl, guaranteeing a maintenance-free product of exceptional quality.

Tailored to Your Needs: Fully Customizable. Explore limitless possibilities in size and shape, ensuring our 3 Season Rooms perfectly complement your unique space and preferences.

High Quality


Due to the high quality of our components, we proudly offer the best warranty in the industry.

Warranty covers manufacturers defects, regular wear and tear, and any other incidentals that are not caused by misuse of the product.