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Louvered Roof - function of louvers

Why Choose a Louvered Roof? Are you looking to maximize your outdoor living experience? Our innovative Louvered Roof system provides the ideal solution, offering unparalleled flexibility tailored to your preferences.

Each open louver effortlessly adjusts to regulate the perfect amount of natural light, powered by the industry-leading Gaposa motor with seamless Smart Home integration.

When closed, our louvers create a tight seal, ensuring a comfortable and dry environment within the area. The integrated gutter system efficiently directs rainwater away, maintaining a pristine outdoor space.

Crafted from powder-coated aluminum, our construction guarantees resistance to corrosion, rust, and the need for maintenance, ensuring enduring quality and durability for your outdoor sanctuary.


What is a Louvered Roof?

Take command of your surroundings at the touch of a button or via your smartphone, effortlessly curating your desired environment. Adjust sunlight to your preference or seek shelter from the rain effortlessly, all within your control.

Picture a durable, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing patio cover. It offers shade on blistering days, shields your family from harmful UV rays, and keeps your deck, pool, hot tub, and outdoor furniture dry during rain showers. Our Suncoast Louvered Roof significantly enhances the allure of any residential or commercial outdoor space.

Moreover, we present a variety of permanent roof styles for patio covers crafted from our premium aluminum and polycarbonate roof panels.

How Do They Stand Up To Our Harsh Climate?

Our Louvered Roof is engineered to endure harsh conditions without succumbing to corrosion or rust. Crafted from powder-coated aluminum renowned for its lightweight yet formidable strength, our systems are built to brave severe climates, withstanding strong winds and heavy winter snow loads effortlessly. Our integrated guttering system efficiently diverts rain runoff and keeps your patio space dry and protected.  

We prioritize industrial-strength structural aluminum for our framing extrusions, ensuring the most reliable and robust structures available. Standard with 6×6 posts and 2×8 or 4×8 beams, we also offer customizable options for more demanding situations. Suncoast’s louver blades stand as the widest available at 8 inches, capable of spanning an impressive 15 feet.

How Does The Louvered Roof Work?

Our Louvered Roof operates seamlessly through a hand-held remote or smartphone device, integrating effortlessly with Smart Home automation. This functionality allows for precise control, enabling users to adjust the louvers to increase ventilation or set them to any position between closed and fully open, offering tailored shade or full exposure to sunlight. Combining the classic aesthetics of a traditional pergola with the adaptability of a fully adjustable louvered system, your new Louvered Roof brings sophistication and functionality to your outdoor space.

Suncoast proudly presents one of the widest blade configurations available, permitting more natural light when open compared to other systems. Achieve optimal sunlight exposure by effortlessly adjusting the blades within a range of up to 140 degrees, easily managed via a remote or the dedicated app on a smartphone or tablet. In commercial projects, our standard smart connectivity ensures key personnel always have access to operate the Louvered Roof System.

Do They Have Built In Drainage?

Within each louver zone, a meticulously designed gutter system seamlessly integrates with the beam, ensuring a sleek and unified appearance. When the louver blades are closed, water is efficiently directed to the perimeter of the zones, facilitating smooth drainage to the preferred location. Additionally, the option to conceal downspouts within the structural post further enhances the unobtrusive and elegant aesthetic of our system.

Can They Be Built in a Variety of Shapes, Sizes and Colours?

Louvers can indeed be custom-built in a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your specific preferences and needs. Whether it’s for a home or business, our Louvered Roof systems are meticulously crafted to accommodate various designs, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing architecture. Choose from a selection of versatile options, including different shapes, sizes, and a palette of colors, allowing you to personalize and tailor your Louvered Roof to match your unique style and requirements.

Can They Be Built For Residential & Commercial Applications?

Indeed, the Suncoast Louvered Roof system caters impeccably to both residential and commercial applications. For homeowners seeking a covered deck without compromising natural light, our adaptable design allows for the perfect balance. Whether closed for shade during scorching summer days or opened to welcome light on cloudy winter afternoons, this system not only adds value to your home but also extends the opportunity for quality time outdoors with loved ones. The flexibility to instantly adjust the louvers ensures added sunlight, shade, and protection over various outdoor amenities such as swimming pools, decks, hot tubs, BBQ areas, and lounges.

Business owners, especially in the restaurant industry, appreciate the versatility of our Louvered Roof system. Enhancing the patio experience for patrons, this system extends usability across more days throughout the year, effectively increasing seating capacity and driving up revenues.

Recognizing the appeal of a patio to patrons, our Louvered Roofs offer more than just an outdoor space. They provide welcomed shelter from the sun’s intensity or an escape from unpredictable weather conditions, covering diverse commercial patio layouts including curbside, rooftop, entryway, and courtyard spaces. With its pergola styling, this system not only adds ambience but also ensures a comfortable and inviting experience for your guests.

Can Heaters, Lights, and Fans Be Added?

Absolutely, Suncoast Louvered Roofs are meticulously designed to accommodate a range of accessories, providing unparalleled versatility. Through the incorporation of auxiliary beams and conduit spaces, our systems offer seamless integration for mounting and wiring various elements. Common additions such as heaters, lights, fans, and AV components can effortlessly enhance the space, extending the usability of your outdoor area significantly. Furthermore, the synergy of a Louvered Roof alongside Retractable Screens, available in mesh or vinyl, elevates functionality to new heights, offering an enhanced and adaptable outdoor experience.





Louvered Roof - All Seasons


Designed and engineered to stand up to the harshest weather.

Our integrated gutter system collects and sheds the water when the Louver blades are closed.

Every Louvered Roof is powder coated to deliver a truly maintenance free product.

Completely Custom. There are limitless options for the size and shapes of our Louvered Roofs.

Smart Home Compatibility


Add a wifi module so you can download our app and control your louvered roof on a schedule and from anywhere in the world.

Voice recognition capability through smart home products.

Integrate with your current home control system.

Connected Home - Google Assistant
Connected Home - Amazon Alexa
High Quality


Due to the high quality of our components, we proudly offer the best warranty in the

Warranty covers manufacturers defects, regular wear and tear, and any other incidentals that are not caused by misuse of the product.