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Screens Block 90% - Suncoast Enclosures

Why consider a Screen Room? Do you want to get the most enjoyment from your outdoor space? Our Screen Rooms give you the flexibility to do just that.

  • Cost-effective Enclosure Solution: Our Screen Rooms offer an affordable means to enclose your outdoor space effectively, providing a budget-friendly option for creating a versatile area.

  • Comprehensive Protection: Block bugs, sunlight, wind, and ensure privacy without compromising your view. Crafted from PHIFER heavy-duty screens, certified as anti-bacterial, flame-retardant, and Greenguard certified, guaranteeing durability and functionality.

  • Robust Construction: Engineered with powder-coated aluminum, our Screen Rooms resist corrosion, rust, and require minimal maintenance. This ensures prolonged longevity and reliability, allowing uninterrupted enjoyment of your outdoor space.


What is a Suncoast Screen Room?

A Suncoast Screen Room presents an excellent and economical solution to enclose your outdoor space effectively. These rooms provide an exceptional shield against insects, sunlight, and wind, ensuring optimum privacy without compromising your scenic view.

Crafted exclusively with PHIFER Heavy-Duty Screen, each Suncoast Screen Room is engineered to offer a robust barrier. This premium screen material boasts anti-bacterial, flame-retardant, and Greenguard certifications, promising durability and enhanced protection for your outdoor sanctuary.

How Do They Stand Up To A Harsh Climate?

Suncoast Screen Rooms are engineered to withstand and excel in harsh climates. Here’s why:

  • Robust Construction: Our Screen Rooms are built with durable materials, ensuring resilience against extreme weather conditions.
  • Premium Quality: Utilizing high-grade components, such as PHIFER Heavy-Duty Screen, these rooms offer exceptional strength and durability, designed to endure harsh climates.

  • Weather-resistant Design: The materials used are specifically chosen for their ability to resist corrosion, rust, and degradation caused by harsh weather elements, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Certified Protection: The PHIFER Heavy-Duty Screen, with its anti-bacterial, flame-retardant, and Greenguard certifications, guarantees enhanced resilience against challenging climates, providing added assurance in adverse conditions.

Do They Have Built In Drainage?

Our Screen rooms, when paired with either a Louvered Roof or Polycarbonate Roof, boast an integrated gutter system seamlessly affixed to the robust aluminum frame, ensuring a unified aesthetic appeal.

In the closed position of the louver blades or under the Polycarbonate Roof, an ingeniously designed water management system guides water to the periphery of the zones, effectively directing it towards the specified drainage locations. This meticulous engineering guarantees efficient water dispersal, optimizing the functionality of your outdoor space.

Moreover, our Polycarbonate Roof option presents an additional advantage, serving as a durable covering that offers enhanced protection against the elements. Alongside the integrated gutter system, this roofing solution delivers superior durability and weather resistance, complementing the seamless drainage system for a comprehensive outdoor enclosure experience.

Can Screen Walls Be Fitted to an Existing Covered Deck?

Our Suncoast Screen Walls are custom-built to seamlessly integrate into any existing patio or opening, offering a versatile solution for various spaces.

Utilizing precise measurements and expert craftsmanship, our Screen Walls are tailored to fit your specific dimensions, whether it’s an existing patio, deck, or any designated outdoor opening. This bespoke approach ensures a perfect fit, allowing our Screen Walls to effortlessly blend into your space while enhancing its functionality.

Our team meticulously designs and constructs these Screen Walls to match the unique contours and requirements of your area, guaranteeing a seamless installation process that harmonizes with your outdoor setting. This adaptable and customizable feature enables us to create a Screen Wall that perfectly suits your space, offering both aesthetic appeal and optimal functionality.

Can Heaters, Lights, and Fans Be Added?

Enhance your Screen Rooms, whether coupled with a Louvered or Polycarbonate Roof or integrated into pre-existing covered patios, by incorporating an array of Suncoast Accessories.

Our versatile design allows for the addition of auxiliary beams and conduit spaces, facilitating the mounting and wiring of a wide range of accessories. Elevate your space with heaters, lights, fans, and AV components, among other popular additions, designed to augment the area’s functionality and extend the duration of its use. These accessories contribute to maximizing the utility and enjoyment of your outdoor space, ensuring it remains comfortable and appealing throughout various seasons and occasions.

Are There Screen Density Options?
  • Phifer offers multiple screen density options for covered patio spaces, catering to diverse preferences and requirements.

  • Screen densities typically range from 30% to 90%, allowing you to choose the desired level of visibility, sunlight filtration, and privacy for your enclosed area.

  • Lower density screens (15%) provide increased visibility and better airflow while offering moderate sun protection and minimal privacy.

  • Medium density screens (55%) strike a balance between visibility, sun protection, and privacy, offering an optimal mix for various outdoor settings.

  • Higher density screens (90%) offer enhanced sun protection and privacy, reducing glare and offering a more secluded enclosure.

  • Suncoast Enclosures provides the flexibility to select the most suitable screen density from Phifer’s range, ensuring your covered patio space meets your specific needs while maintaining its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Screen Walls - Suncoast Enclosures


  • Various Screen Densities
    • Choose from various screen densities based upon the amount of wind block needed.
  • Custom Chair Rail
    • Custom industrial aluminum chair rails to add additional safety and support.
  • Screen Doors
    • Aluminum framed screen doors create ease of access in and out of your space.




Louvered Roof - All Seasons


Designed and engineered to stand up to the harshest weather.

Every Screen Wall frame is powder coated to deliver a truly maintenance free product.

Completely Custom. There are limitless options for the size and shapes Screen Rooms.

High Quality


Due to the high quality of our components, we proudly offer the best warranty in the

Warranty covers manufacturers defects, regular wear and tear, and any other incidentals that are not caused by misuse of the product.