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Our Polycarbonate roofs, sometimes called Polycarbonate Twin Wall, or Lexan are the first way of upgrading from a standard screened roof enclosure to a screen room. Together with screen walls they are the most popular choice among our customers. A polycarbonate roof comes standard with our custom heavy duty Suncoast Eavestrough system and provides the homeowner a perfect shelter from rain, sun and even snow. Just like the screened roof, the Polycarbonate Roof is designed and engineered to withstand Canadian snow loads and U.V. rays year after year. clear, white opaque and silver heat reflective are our three colour options. Each colour has its benefits with clear being the brightest and warmest, white opaque being cool and bright and silver offering the most shade. All three choices come standard in virgin material with a U.V. barrier. As an added convenience all three colour options are the same price so customers can choose, stress free, according to their needs. In the early days of our business when the screen roofed enclosure was most popular many of our customers with the screen roof wanted some way to keep the rain out while still enjoying the openness and light of the screen roof. We design all our structures so that a customer can change from screen to Polycarbonate without having to rebuild or redesign the original structure.

Big Or Small - Suncoast Enclosures Will Work Directly With You To Create A Beautiful Custom Designed Enclosure To Fit Your Home

Better Outdoor Living

Extend your living space and your time outdoors!

Deck Enclosure

Deck Enclosure - Screen Room - Suncoast Enclosures
Every Suncoast Polycarbonate roof is custom designed and built to fit and match the architecture of each unique home. A “mansard” roof is often used in our designs as it allows increased roof heights, and helps us to match the slope and shape of your roof perfectly. Shed style and gable roofs are commonly used as well. We can frame around changes in roof heights, bay windows, fireplaces – everything about our building process is custom to meet the specific needs of our customers and their homes or restaurants. When a roof line is quite low or a vaulted ceiling is desired, we can use an engineered structural gutter which allows us to build a “double mansard” roof. The combination of a polycarbonate roof and screen walls is the most common choice among our customers. The openness of the screen walls and protection of the polycarbonate roof are a perfect blend of outdoor enjoyment and indoor comfort you get the benefits of the great outdoors with tempered wind and sun, added privacy, and no bugs.

Patio Cover

Patio Cover - Suncoast Enclosures

For customers who just want a roof overhead a polycarbonate roof is just the answer. The roof can still be custom designed and built to match the home, while leaving the walls opened up altogether. Often a heavier beam is used to minimize the number of posts needed to hold up the roof. This allows greater enjoyment and openness of the area.

The powder coated aluminum comes in white, brown, or black with custom color options available as well. Depending on customer light requirements or shade wanted, clear, opaque or silver polycarbonate can be chosen for the roof.

Whether you have a large deck area, small balcony, or car port a polycarbonate roof will offer the protection and shade you need at an affordable price.

Full View, Wind, and Privacy Screens

Since 1991, we have used a number of different screens to find the best as far as strength and durability is concerned. Along the way we have discovered the best screens to maintain beautiful views, stop the wind, provide shade and privacy, and of course keep the bugs away for our customers. We now use 3 fabrics to accomplish these outdoor comforts.

Screen Room - Suncoast Enclosures
Three Season Room - Suncoast Enclosures

Full View Screen

This is a 15% fabric (85% openness) and will keep out all the pests, while being nearly invisible. This is used where the view is a priority. Being the lightest of the screens we use, our strength and durability tests are based on this screen. Thanks in part to the Suncoast screening system, our screen roofs will meet the same engineered load capacities as the roof of a house!

Three Season Room - Suncoast Enclosures

2020 Screen

This is a 55% fabric (45% openness) and is very effective for blocking the wind but still allows the air to pass through with relative ease. This is also often referred to as “Noseeum” mesh as the holes in the screen are quite small and even the smallest of bugs cannot penetrate it.

Three Season Room - Suncoast Enclosures
Screen Room - Suncoast Enclosures
Screen Room - Suncoast Enclosures

Super Solar/ Wind Screen

The view looking out of the room is bright and clear, while looking into the room is nearly impossible. This privacy is due to our ‘90% closed’ screen fabric that we refer to as SUPER SOLAR or SUPER WIND SCREEN. It adds terrific privacy to any outdoor setting, while blocking wind, and providing shade/sun protection for South and West facing decks.

Fixed Screens