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8 Reasons why you should consider retractable screens

August 21, 2023
Suncoast Enclosures Retractable Power Screens

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Suncoast Retractable Screens For Your Renovation

1. Extruded Aluminum

Aluminum components of our screens are extruded profiles that are industry leading in strength and design.

2. Powder Coated Finish

All painted surfaces are coated with the industry’s best (AAMA 2605) powder coating procedure. Our fully automated system gives a factory finish and longest lasting finish available. 

3. State of Art Manufacturing Process

Our screens are cut on an automated CNC machine which gives accuracy of 1/100th of an Inch in our cuts.  We also use the best Infrared welders to attach the zipper which gives a permanent bond that can not be pulled apart. 

4. Built For the Harshest Climates

We design all of our products with the harshest weather in mind.  We have pieces and components that will stand up to the wild temperature swings, wind, hail, and snow that Canada experiences.

5. Phifer Mesh

We focus on the Phifer mesh materials as they are made in the USA and have fabulous performance.  Their fiberglass mesh has options for every application (Sun Control, Wind Protection, Bug Screens, and more) and they all deliver the strength and durability we need.  These screens can all last over 30 years depending on your sun exposure. 

6. Best Tech

We work hard to have all the sensors, remotes, and features your customers need.  They can control their screens from their phone, their home control system, or use some of our sensors (wind & rain) to control it for them. 

7. Italian Motors

Gaposa has been an amazing partner and their motors have the Italian quality while also giving ease of use. These motors are the quietest in the industry, and have obstacle detection.

8. Product Integration

All Suncoast Products come in matching colors and integrate seamlessly with each other.  We design our roofs, screens, and other products so that your customers call easily add on and continue to enhance their outdoor space. 

Hiring a professional like Suncoast Enclosures to build your Retractable Screen enclosure offers the advantages of expertise, customization, structural integrity, efficient installation, and warranty support. Our knowledge and experience contribute to a well-designed and properly installed system that enhances your outdoor living space and provides long-term value.

Suncoast Enclosures Retractable Screen

Big Or Small - Suncoast Enclosures Will Work Directly With You To Create A Beautiful Custom Designed Enclosure To Fit Your Home