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If you now enjoy a walkout basement, covered porch or veranda, a Suncoast SCREEN WALL is a simple and affordable way to utilize your outdoor space. These walls are custom – built on-site to ensure they fit every opening perfectly. Our extruded, powder coated aluminum is made to fit the area and then the screen is stretched tight inside. We offer various screens (see screen options below) that can be used depending on the desired purpose of the room. Our screens’ primary design is focused on privacy, shade, wind, and of course bugs. Each screen is made of PVC coated fiberglass; therefore they have the strength needed to defy the elements and retain their longevity. These walls are built with our engineered design giving them the ability to withstand the powerful wind, snow, and hail experienced in our Northern climate.

The structure is designed to be maintenance free and hold strong year round with no issues. As we build the room we are able to construct a single or double railing, depending on the height of the deck off the ground. Our railing system meets building codes for an approved railing and saves you the cost of additional railings.

We are able to span large areas with no support posts because of our wide screen rolls and our unique spline and groove retention system. Even spans as large as 30 feet long and 8 feet tall are astonishingly tight and will remain that way for years to come. With such wide screens, you can have the protection our product provides without interrupting your view.

Big Or Small - Suncoast Enclosures Will Work Directly With You To Create A Beautiful Custom Designed Enclosure To Fit Your Home

Better Outdoor Living

Extend your living space and your time outdoors!

Fixed Screen

Fixed Screen Room - Suncoast Enclosures

Fixed SCREEN WALLS are really what Suncoast does best and has used since 1991 when we started out. With a fixed screen we can take an existing covered space and without altering anything, including the view, we can keep out all the bugs, stop the wind and add privacy.

All of our installations are done onsite to ensure a perfect fit against siding, stucco, and even varied stone surfaces. One of our great discoveries in the more recent years is a foam/rubber membrane that ensures a bug free and beautiful finish against rough stone with large variations, and on log homes.

Entrance and exit is made simple with a custom built Suncoast door that can be incorporated into any of our rooms. Depending on the size, steps, or opening of the enclosure we are able to build a single or double swinging door that will look attractive and enhance the space.


Retractable Screen - Suncoast Enclosures

For those who want the ability to completely remove the screen, perhaps over the winter months or during parts of the day, we offer RETRACTABLE SCREENS. RETRACTABLE SCREENS can fit single openings as large as 30 feet wide and 24 feet tall and are a great solution for commercial and residential renovation and construction projects.

These screens can be used as a stand alone application to provide shade, add privacy or block the wind in one particular area. More often though we will incorporate both our RETRACTABLE SCREENS and fixed screens on a project; this allows us to screen off certain areas where a retractable would not otherwise function, and to give the flexibility of an exit/entrance door to be used when the screens remain in the down position. Retractable and fixed screens are very complimentary products and can create BETTER OUTDOOR LIVING for any space.

Fixed Screens